Stretchy and Shiny

Did you know that black PVC catsuits (especially when they are skin tight) will show finger prints and palm prints in photos?  Yup.  They do!  And if you are a perfectionist like Mark at Serious Male Bondage, that simply won’t do.  Unfortunately this was something we didn’t notice until after I was stretched out and locked down to this bondage rack.  We were on a time crunch, so instead of unlocking me to let me shine myself up, Mark and Dale grabbed some soft towels and spent the next ten minutes buffing out all blemishes and smudge marks from my suit (from previous sessions I had done while wearing this suit).

By the time they were done, not a finger print remained.  The part of my suit covering my crotch was left especially smudge free and shiny after they were done!  But that’s through no fault of my own.  They tried to convince me to keep still, but it took a few aggressive cranks on the winch to keep me from wiggling away from their hands, as they kept buffing the smudges from my crotch.

I can be so ungrateful sometimes…

Strapped to the bondage rack wearing a skin tight catsuit