I absolutely love being tied up in my skin tight black catsuits.  But after playing around in Photoshop again, I’m beginning to think I really do need some more color in my fetish wardrobe.  There is something about these manipulated pictures that really turns me on, but I can’t exactly put my finger on it.  Perhaps it has something to do with my superhero bondage fetish?  Or it could be the way these bold colors are drawing attention to my bound form that satisfies my not-so-subtle exhibitionism.  The idea of being strapped down in those medical restraints wearing a skin tight red catsuit like this, really gets to me!

Whatever it is, I think I’m going to have to do something about it.  Now I just have to decide which colors I want to buy in PVC, and what colors I want to buy in Spandex.

Kinky first world problems.  Right?  LOL

All of these pictures are variations of me bound in this suit.  Sadly, I’ve been tied up in this suit so many times that it’s getting pretty worn out.  Which come to think of it, is a perfect excuse to go and buy another one right now!  I love it when things come together like this…

Strapped down in a red catsuit

Suspended in a green catsuit Strapped down in medical restraints, wearing a green catsuit. Suspended in a purple catsuit