The Inevitable

There is always that point in any good bondage scene where you realize you have given up control.  Whatever happens next to your body is a decision that isn’t yours any longer.  Sure, you have properly negotiated the scene beforehand.  But really, when you are tied up like this, all you have going for you is the trust you have given the top tightening down the restraints.  For a lot of us bottoms, this inherent risk is as much of a turn on for us as anything else.  Giving someone this power over us is intensely erotic.  And if it ever crosses the line from trust to something else, it can shake us to the core…

I’ve talked a few times before about something I call the tipping point.  It’s that moment in any good bondage scene when you suddenly realize you can’t stop what’s about to happen to you.  It usually occurs well before you end up like this!  And for me, when I suddenly realize I’ve lost control of the scene, the sensations that flood my brain and body can be more intense that anything that comes next.

This picture is another fine example of what I’m talking about.  It was taken during a live show I did while visiting my friends at the Serious Bondage Institute.  The bondage itself is pretty minimal; just some leather suspension cuffs locked around my ankles.  But it’s what you can’t see that makes this picture so erotic for me.  Dale was manning the winch, and was relentlessly cranking on it to get me hoisted off of the ground.  I had already been drug across the floor about four feet, pulled by the unforgiving chains tethering my ankles to the ceiling.  Because Dale was over six feet away from me by now, the short distance I had been drug across the floor made it impossible for me to reach him if I wanted to force him to stop.  If you do get a chance to watch this video, there is a moment in it where you can see me start twisting my legs and hips, trying to pull against the chains heaving me upwards.  I have never told anyone this before, but I was so close to going over the edge at that moment that I had to stop moving for a while.  And then the next thing I knew, Dale was locking my arms behind my back in the cuffs attached to the leather bondage belt locked around my waist.

Yup.  I had to clean my suit a little bit when they finally left me down.  This scene turned out exactly as I had always fantasized it would

Suspension Bondage