Just Relax

When my friend started tying me up in this web, he didn’t have a real plan on where he was going to go with it.  It started out randomly when we were standing around in his living room (coming down from a previously intense bondage scene).  I was still wearing ankle and wrist restraints, so he just took some rope and threaded it through the metal loops on the wrist restraints.  I was mostly expecting him to lay me down on his couch so he could stretch me out on it, with my hands and feet tightly anchored to opposite ends (there is no better way to unwind from an intense bondage session, than to be tied up like that and have your top rub his hands up and down your body stretched body while you are watching a good movie!).  But since you are looking at this image, I think you can guess he had a different idea this time.

You can read the full story here.  It has a very happy ending!!

My friend and I are starting to make plans for another long bondage weekend at his place.  From what he’s told me of his plans, I think you guys are going to like what we do down there.  Perhaps we will give another shot at doing a live stream again, if anyone is interested.

Bondage Rope Web