Rigging the Game

Nearly two hours later, I was still very much restrained in this rope harness that my friends tied me in.  I probably shouldn’t admit this (because they do read this blog), but I didn’t really try that hard to beat this escape attempt.  Why?  Well, as they were tying me up they told me that if I didn’t escape they were going to hold me down and edge me with a vibrator for an hour before letting me climax.  After a really stressful week at the office, being held down by four of my closest friends while tied up in a tight Spandex suit and edged for an hour was just what I needed!

So this is how they found me after my two hours were up.  Pretty much exactly like they left me.  Except for being very, very turned on!

All four of my friends grabbed me and pulled me back into the center of the room.  They didn’t want me near any objects that I could bump into, if I managed to struggle hard enough while they were tormenting me.  As soon as I was in position, they jumped on me and began intertwining their bodies around mine.  To my surprise, each of them had changed into Spandex suits of their own after they tied me up, and the feeling of their Lycra-clad bodies rubbing over mine was pretty damn erotic.  By the time they were done winding their slippery bodies around mine, I could not move.  Two of my friends were laying down on each side of my body, near my chest.  They were facing towards each other, and each had forced an arm down between my elbows and sides.  They worked their hands far enough under my back so that they could grab the other guy’s hand.  The leverage they had on me forced my arms firmly to the floor, while simultaneously pushing my back into a slight arch.  The expertly tied ropes didn’t give at all.  So the side effect of all of that “leverage” meant that the rope encircling my chest, arms, and groin tightened up considerably.  Especially the crotch rope!

With their free hands, my friends were relentlessly rubbing their hands up and down the tight Spandex stretched over my torso.  The way they had positioned themselves, one could easily focus on my groin and abdomen while the other could just as easily focus on my chest and nipples.  And that’s exactly what they did.  Within just a few minutes, they had me moaning and whimpering through my leather gag.

Down by my feet, another one of my friends had positioned himself so that my bound ankles were firmly pushed against his crotch.  He sat cross-legged, with his legs wrapped around my calves, pinning my feet firmly to the ground and making my legs genuinely useless.  From this position, he could easily massage my thighs.  All of my thighs!  Including the inner thigh and that part of your thigh that curves into your groin.  If he stretched a little bit, he could even reach my groin.  But he seemed content with letting my other friends have that responsibility, and just spent his time rubbing his hands up and down my captured legs.

As for the fourth friend?  Well, since everyone else had me pretty well anchored down to the floor, there wasn’t any available area on my body left for him to wrap his body around.  So he was given the responsibility of manning the vibrator, and just sort of hovered over my body as he slowly worked me over.  From one end of my body to the other, he methodically massaged my muscles into erotic submission.

Spandex Wetsuit Bondage

Over the next hour, I was repeatedly pushed to the brink and back again by my friends’ coordinated attack.  I had given up pretending to struggle against them, and just laid there enjoying the things they were doing to me.  I had lost all track of time, but realized my hour of torment was coming to an end when I felt everyone move their attention to my groin.  The orgasm that washed over me seemed to go on forever.  When the second orgasm hit, I honestly believe I passed out for a brief moment.

I was in a fog as they worked together to untie me.  When all of the ropes had been removed, my friends did something they had never done before.  They each grabbed an ankle or wrist, sat down, and pulled me into a really tight spread eagle.  Well beyond the point of offering even a token struggle, I just laid there enjoying the relaxing feeling of being stretched out as the blood flow returned to all of my extremities.  They held me like that for probably five minutes, before finally releasing me.

When I got out of the shower, my black PVC catsuit was neatly folded and waiting for me on the vanity…