All That Energy Has to Go Somewhere

It’s almost like the more straps that were added to my thighs, the tighter my suit got over and around my crotch.  I thought I was already pretty much helpless (and very much turned on) before they started wrapping these straps around my thighs.  But I quickly discovered there is “helpless’, and then there is “Dalton Ott Helpless”.

Strapped Down in Skin Tight PVC Catsuit

I used to think I was good at bondage escape attempts.  But that was before this scene happened.  Now I know better than to entertain the idea that I can escape from his bondage.  Oh don’t get me wrong; I still give him a hard time that he ties me up like a girl (You are the exception, Alice), but I only do that to get him to tie me up even tighter.  Sometimes, it’s back fired.  Actually, it’s backfired every damn time.

But I’m going to keep taunting him, so he keeps tying me up tighter and tighter!  Just don’t tell him, or something bat-shit insane could happen to me the next time I pay him and Mark a visit.  Smile