Dalton’s Metal

After showing you a bit of what Mark will do if you give him free-range during a photo shoot, I thought it would only be fair to show you a little of what Dalton is capable of if you give him the same unfettered creativity.

When we started this scene, the only thing any of us knew is that I wanted to be restrained to their black bondage table for a couple of hours.  After I jumped up and got myself comfortable, I watched Dalton go to work.

Trapper Smith Metal Bondage

If you ever get the chance to get tied up by Dalton, you know you are in for a ride when he puts on his head phones and then starts stacking piles and piles of metal and chain between your legs.  Enjoy it!!

You can see another picture from this scene here.  It’s a wide angle shot, that shows my entire body chained down like this.  And if I am allowed to be a bit selfish here, this new black PVC catsuit stretched over my body in these pictures fits me pretty damn good.  What do you guys think about me getting a red one that fits just as good?  Would it look OK against the black and white in their studio?