A Thought About Getting Polished

Really guys.  I would love to help you get my suit nice and shiny for you.  Really.  I would.  All you have to do is ask.  But just ask before you get me tied up like this.  Otherwise, all I can do is just lay there while you spend the next hour polishing me to a a high gloss.  I’m 6’-4”, so that’s a lot of skin tight material you have to shine up.

And since we are on this topic…  Please don’t scold me for “distracting” you by “seductively” moving my hips while you spend half of that polishing time focused on the area of my suit between my belly button and my thighs.  It’s your fault, really, for not tying me up tighter.

I love every minute of it!

Tied to a bed in a hotel, wearing a skin tight PVC catsuit