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Catsuit Bondage Tie me up

Bondage in Minnesota?

If you live in or around the Central Minnesota or Minneapolis, Minnesota area and would like to participate in an interesting and dynamic bondage experience, please let me know. I now live in the NW Corridor of the Twin Cities area, and would like to establish connections with like-minded bondage fans in the community. If you are interested in getting to know me a bit better and perhaps being a bondage rigger for this site, please continue reading…

Primarily, I am looking to connect with guys who know how to have fun.  In my bent mind, bondage is little more than a kinky game adults play.  It takes me back to when I was younger and frequently got tied up while playing cops and robbers (which happened a lot, by the way).  The only difference now is that I am legally allowed to have (almost) all the fun I want!  Basically, part of me never grew up.  I still like superheroes and secret agents, and bondage is a way for me to play out those fantasies where we always wondered what would happen if we were the superhero tied up in that skin tight Lycra bodysuit.  Would the villain really go through all that trouble to create those diabolical bondage devices, and then strap us down to them without having their own kinky agendas?  Nope.  In my world, the villain always takes advantage of the situation!  🙂

Also in my world, bondage has always been associated with catsuits, bodysuits, wetsuits, etc…  I’ve given up wondering why that is, and learned just to accept it.  The simple act of putting on a tight bodysuit gets me in a frame of mind perfectly suited for bondage.  I get instantly excited and become a bit more adventurous.  There is the obvious association between Lycra bodysuits and captured Superheroes, too.  When I lived near Huntington Beach, I would frequently wear my tight wetsuits out in public.  I still have these wetsuits.  They are thinner and tighter than the average wetsuit, which means that there is very little is left to the imagination.  I have to admit that it felt weird the first few times I wore these wetsuits to the beach, but I love the attention I got when walking down the street on my way to the pier.  I haven’t had the courage to wear my PVC and Lycra suits out in public yet, but maybe one day…

So if you want to tie me up, you’ll have to live with my obsession for skin tight bodysuits and wetsuits and its association with bondage.  I have a few of my own suits to wear for bondage, as you can see in the images on this blog.  However, if you have your own suits that you would like me to wear when you tie me up, I’m definitely willing to try and squeeze into them.  Anyone with a Spiderman suit for me to wear goes directly to the top of the list!

So now you are wondering if I ever do nude bondage scenes, right?  Well, yes I do.  But only after I get to know you.  Allowing myself to be tied up nude is a much more intimate experience, and it is something I only do with people I get to know and trust.  This is also where one of my favorite bondage scenarios plays out: bondage challenges.  If you want to tie me up nude, let’s make a bet.  First, tie me up while I’m wearing a bodysuit.  If I escape, I get to keep wearing my suit the next time you tie me up.  If I don’t escape, you can tie me up however you want.  If that means nude, and it’s part of the bet, then I have to do it.  All to be discussed at a later time…

If you can’t tell already, I love to be tied in spread eagles.  It’s the position I feel the most empowered in, but also the most vulnerable.  My most erotic experiences have happened while I was tied up and stretched out to the four corners of a bed.  However, I like just about any bondage position you could tie me in.  Strap me down to a bondage bed with enough straps to keep a mountain ox tied down, or rope me up in a tight hogtie.  Leather!  I love leather bondage!

Finally, if you are into S&M, pain, or humiliation, do not contact me.  If you only want to tie me up nude and have sex, do not contact me.  Enough said about that.

There you go.  If all of this sounds exciting to you and you want to be a bondage rigger for this site, please contact me.  Before you do, be aware that I do not host bondage meet-ups at my home.  I learned a hard lesson a few years ago about allowing people to tie me up in my home that I won’t soon repeat.  You have to be able to host.

Tie me up.  Strap me down.  Lock me in.